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When Family Crosses our Boundaries
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Transforming Lives

Authentic Work

The book of life publishes great articles on all sorts of stuff to do with 'life'.  I found their recent addition excellent and it discusses how to find 'authentic' work and why we often pigeon hole our selves into just making money/or status rather than being engaged in something really meaningful.  If you have ever wanted MORE from your career and wondered how to get read this great article. Taken entirely from their website at:

When Family Crosses our Boundaries

I like to discuss, lying.  It seems that we all lie, at least a little – right?  A white lie here and there to protect certain peoples stress levels.  Like why tell your mother you are super sick and make her worry even more… when simply saying you are ok makes everyone happy.  It makes a world of difference for her stress level so it is ok.  Well yes I suppose but…
I have certainly told a few porky pies in my time.  When I tell a really big lie I have to believe it with all my heart, in order to pull it off.

Looking for a JOB

I'm looking for a job.

For 14 years I lived and worked overseas in Singapore, S. Korea and Brunei Darussalam and returned to Canada 4 years ago.  I needed a change, a break, a rest after an incredibly busy, challenging yet ever so rewarding time teaching in international schools and travelling to the far reaches of the world.  It was amazing!

Now I have settled on Vancouver island in Nanaimo which some would say is the armpit of Canada, but that is far from truth.  Yes it is a bit slower here, yes you will see real red-necks, yes lumber jobs are still big here, but it has its appeal resting quietly on the shores of the ocean with a back drop of stunning mountains off in the distance all pointing you towards Vancouver.

Emotional Scale

This is a great article on how to work through those emotions when they seem to be controlling us.  We are in control of everything, especially our emotions and they tell us so much about where we are at, energetically.  This is a beautiful step by step way, written by melody Fletcher,  to work through those emotions, that seem to take us away form ourselves. 


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Love self